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Bring your family and friends to visit our animals in there own environment. Meet them up close and personal, take photos of you with the animals, and enjoy a hands on experience. Cost is $25.00 adult/$15.00 children 12 and under.

Please call for appt. 415-583-7501


Animal Talent

Some of our animals have been seen on television as well as movies. Alison is a professional animal trainer that works with her animals on a daily basis. If you are looking for unique animals in the entertainment industry give us a call. 

Our property is open for possible film location for movies, commercials, still photography and television work. If you are looking to film in Sonoma County call us at 415-583-7501.


"We hired Animals Galore & More in Petaluma for my animal loving 6yr old's birthday party and it was quite the hit! My son Jax said it was the perfect party and his friends and parents are all still talking about it. Alison and her husband were so wonderful with the kids and brought so many unique and exotic animals that intrigued the kids such as fox, porcupine, wallaby, lizards, and so many more. The kids loved learning about each type of animal and what made each unique and even got to pet some as well. This is a great idea if you are looking for both a fun and educational birthday party, you won't be disappointed." Jacqueline Master

"The experience you, Mike and all of your lovely, unique , kind and beautiful animals you shared and gave to our Girl Scout troop was unforgettable. The situation was calming and peaceful. The real picture and experience is how living creatures with the true proper loving care and attention, plus your brilliant knowledge became reality for the girls. I really say from a mom's perspective I was never once afraid for any one or even had a feeling of worry. Your true passion is genuine and should be broadcasted.

Thank you for this beautiful experience and we were and are all still very grateful for your love of all the animals and hope your journey with other young, middle and elderly people sharing your passion for the animal kingdom continue to grow as you grow your love for all the "beasts." Your animals, you and Mike are truly remarkable people. Thank you!"  Timeree Goodwin

"Alison and her animals are amazing! They truly are exotic and both kids and adults were wowed.I think the adults had as much fun as the kids! She is very knowledgeable and patient with a lot of the kid questions. The animals all seem happy and well cared for, and she reassured me that she is USDA and Fish & Wildlife certified. It was a great addition to our 6yr old's birthday party! I have already recommended her to others." K. Brooks

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Refer a friend and get 10% off your next party, school program or special event. We thrive on word of mouth and appreciate our repeat clients. 

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Where do the animals actually live?

At our property on 2 acres where we live.

Will you keep them or give them up? 

We will never give them up. They are our children. Some came from rescues at an older age and the 

others were raised in our home and bottle fed as infants.  

If one or more decide they do not want to entertain then what will you do with them?

It's fine, they all have different personalities and are still part of our family with our a forever loving home.